2020 Day 3

This morning we woke at the Grand Forks Inn to the smoky skies that had rolled in last night from the surrounding wildfires. With few alternative options, we proceeded with our 6 designate riders Lisa, Steve, Carmen, Mike, Jared and Ron. The team cycled out of a cool Grand Forks and after a brief stop in Christina Lake they made their way up the Paulson summit rewarded with a delicious hot chilli lunch from Ron’s wife Rebekah. Lisa our rookie was the first one to the top and even had some fans along the way.

A quick drop into Castlegar which the team enjoyed the downhill after climbing up the same mountain that took only minutes to descend.

Our home riders had small groups riding in Lumby, Penticton, near Grand Forks, Castlegar, Kelowna and even a few who decided to spin in the comfort of their basements to save the lungs.

Today was a hard day for the team facing less than ideal conditions. But if your child needed to travel to a medical appointment and you had to travel on less than ideal roads, you’d still go. These riders did the exact same today and were extremely proud of them.

Tomorrow the team enjoys a scenic ride from Castlegar to Procter and the scenery of Kootenay Lake.


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