Oh How the Skies Opened

Day 9
By Denise McMahon & David Hatton

Woke up to rainy skies at the hotel. We had an early start to our day to prepare for our 100 km ride to Vernon. Breakfast was served in a banquet room and what a banquet it was. The White Spot Restaurant on Tranquille Road in Kamloops served us a wonderful breakfast to fill our tummies for the long haul to Vernon. Off on the bus to the Wildlife Park where we prepped our bikes, filled up our water bottles, slipped goodies in our jersey pockets and donned our rain jackets. A few of us headed out without rain gear because we’ve done that arduous climb in the pouring rain before and know what it feels like to be in our own personal sauna. The team headed out over the undulating terrain to our first rest stop at Monty Lake. The skies ahead were ominous and it wasn’t long before we were in an intense rainfall, heads down and grip tight as we navigated the roadside trying to see all the upcoming debris, holes, rumble strips and puddles. We pulled into the Falkland Detachment where the motor home was all set up with juice and delicious sandwiches made by Sedo’s Old Fashioned Butcher and Deli from Salmon Arm.

While we were all enjoying the amazing sandwiches and snacks, the skies started to open and the beautiful blue started to shine through. With the sun on our faces, we were ready to head out on the road once again to finish our 9th day.

As we made our way to Vernon, we hit the rain again, but it was when we reached the city limits of Vernon that the dark clouds rolled in and it poured. For those not wearing rain gear, we were soaked to the bones. For those wearing rain gear, well it didn’t help as the water found its way in. We pushed through as rain and hail came down and we were escorted into the Boston Pizza parking lot by the red and blue lights of our local heroes. This is where we got the privilege of meeting so many families that Cops For Kids has had the opportunity to help in the past. As always, the families stood up and told stories of how they were helped and how much it meant to them that we were riding and raising money for such a great cause and how it has helped their families. These moments are what make you truly realize why you ride through the rain storms, the thunder, and the cold. These families are what make it all worth while and make those few short miles seem like a walk in the park.

To end our 9th day, we found ourselves up at Silverstar at the Asgard Hostel where we got to celebrate and commemorate all the individuals that helped to make this event possible. With a few jokes, a lot of laughs, and many insides jokes we enjoyed a rain free evening with way to much to eat. Boston Pizza once again came to our rescue and sent up a truck load of pizza for the hungry riders. By the end of this ride, I am sure we have all eaten more than we should have and have a few extra pounds to show for it, but it was all for a good cause.

With only 40 km’s to go, we are resting up our tired legs and getting ready to meet our families and friends at our last and final stop. Until next time, good night dear diary.

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