When It Rains, It Pours

They say that when it rains, it pours. I think we can safely say that the statement would ring true for the 2019 Cops for Kids Ride. Having just completed the full 10 day 1,000km ride across South East District the riders are all now making their way back home to enjoy a hot bath and some time with their family before returning back to policing duties. During our 10 days, the team experienced precipitation in some form on 8 of the 10 days.

On day 3 when they woke in Grand Forks, knowing that the most difficult climb up the 5,000ft Paulson Summit was on the agenda, the sky was black and rain fell like a deluge from the sky as the team prepared for breakfast and hoped for a break in the clouds later in the day.

When a rider was struggling to keep pace and get up the steep portions, the team rallied behind her to coach, encourage, advise, push, drag, and conquer the challenge with her.

When a support crew member cracked the 5 digit mark in fundraising dollars, a rider celebrated the milestone by achieving the same mark himself so they could celebrate together. After all, friendly competition benefits the children the most.

When the team arrived into Creston, they were greeted by a successful Jail & Bail event hosted by Casey’s Community House to raise money for kids in crisis. Not to be outdone, the team arrived into Cranbrook the next day to a Jail & Bail event that nearly broke records thanks to the generosity of those at Tamarack Centre.

The statement rang true again on day 9. After lunch, in a 40km span between Chase & Kamloops we had 6 flat tires and 2 broken chains. Just when our mechanics thought we could cruise on to make up some time, they would be stopped with another mechanical breakdown over and over again.

Day in and day out, the team was welcomed by different service and community groups who had each lovingly prepared a meal for the team. Day after day, cyclists rolled out of the community hall/church/school with full bellies thinking they’d just experienced one of the best meals of their lives, only to be welcomed by an equally delicious meal by equally kind and generous people later that same day, and again the next.

Each morning, the team would gather in the parking lot grateful for the wonderful beds provided by beautiful hotel properties. Thinking that was as good as it gets, they would check in to another wonderful hotel again later that same day.

What we’re trying to say here, is that the challenges and the rain weren’t the only things that came to us in droves over 10 days. Celebrations of accomplishment, new friends, heartfelt engagements with the children who benefit from our efforts, laughs, group photos, and kind words all came at us faster than we could process. So after the team all said not goodbye, but “until next time” in the parking lot of the Ramada Hotel today, we sit back and take in the past 10 days before we start looking forward to next year starting tomorrow.

Thank you to the families and coworkers of our ride team who made it possible for the team to fundraise, train, volunteer and be away for the past 10 days. It takes a village to get us to the start line, and we can’t wait to share our stories. To our ride team, I say the same thing I always say “You Done Good”.  $350,000 will support the ongoing requests from families, and you’ve made it possible to grant those requests for families in their time of crisis. I look forward to celebrating our 20th Cops for Kids Ride with you all next year.


Ride Captain Julio Krenz



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