A Day of Rest

by Robyn Diddams, Golden

Waking up at the Elizabeth Lake Lodge in Cranbrook is a great way to start any day. Today is a little different as we will spend most of it on a bus travelling from Cranbrook to 3 Valley Gap. Despite the fact we wont be riding much, it does not stop us from loading up on the amazing breakfast hosted at ABC Restaurant, where we all enjoyed a childhood favourite treat of mine– TATER TOTS! 

From there we loaded onto the bus, and head for our first stop in Fort Steele to take a team photo. Fort Steele has been a traditional stop of the ride for the past 18 years. Surprisingly, we are able to get the picture in one take, and are once again back on the bus heading for Golden! 

We arrive at Kinsmen Park, known locally as “the Clown Park”, for a quick lunch. After a delicious picnic, all the riders get ready for the first segment of ride for the day, a BIG 1km ride through town to the IGA where we are greeted warmly by the community. It is here, that we have the opportunity to meet Elliot, and his mom Valerie, and hear firsthand the touching story of how Elliot, who was born prematurely at 31 weeks was helped through the generosity of donations raised by the Cops for Kids Ride. 

After a tasty piece of cake from Cam at IGA, we are then back on the bus heading for Revelstoke where we are able to enjoy the views of the Rockies and Selkirk mountain ranges. 

Once we arrive in Revelstoke we take a short ride from the local detachment to the Swiss Chalet Motel, where we are greeted by the owner and auxiliary constable Eric, who treated us to amazing cupcakes and a platter of healthy snacks too. Here, we also have the privilege of meeting Torra. Torra was also born prematurely at only 4lbs, and her mother Charlene shared her incredible story with us. Now 5 months old, and 14lbs, Torra is another reminder why we riders do this 10 day journey.

From Revelstoke, the group continues to head West along the Trans Canada Highway to the infamous spot that everyone has passed, but no one really ever thinks to stop at; 3 Valley Gap. The group is welcomed and provided with a tour of the grounds, which if you are one of the many who drive by, you should really check out one day! To cap it all off, we are treated to a night away from carb-loading, with a chicken and steak dinner! What a treat! This family owned gem has been supporting Cops for Kids for over a decade so we are lucky to have such a great spot to come to each year. 

Although we did not spend a lot of time on our bikes today, we met two amazing families. It is meeting these families and hearing their stories that is the most impactful part of this ride. Tomorrow though, we are back on the saddle again, and off for another day of adventure and fun.

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