An Emotional Send-Off

An Emotional Send-Off by Andrew Deane, Penticton

3 years of send offs and today was just as emotional as every other one I have been apart of. Tim Schroeder led a great morning with wonderful words that reminded us why we were all there. After a great sleep at the Sandman Hotel in Kelowna and a wonderful breakfast by Denny’s we embarked on the first leg of 10 days in the saddle.  Breakfast was wonderful with emotional messages from parents and families of children we have been able to help so far.  This time is the where we see the fruits of our labours, families bare their souls, telling us their stories help us climb every hill, sweat every mile and love every moment. After a delicious lunch at the Gasthaus in Peachland, a warm stop in Summerland we collected some funds, and then on to Penticton in the heat and a headwind. After a long day, we got smoothies from Booster Juice generously provided to us, knowing that we may need it! A special thank you to Tom Budd and Al Hildebrandt who are our greatest supporters and grinded it out today in the sun shine and wind.  Dinner once again was provided by the lovely ladies at the Elks club in Osoyoos. We can’t wait to see you all supporting us tomorrow in Oliver and Grand Forks :).

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